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Pip McKay
Evolve Now!
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Welcome From Pip

Are you on a QUEST to take your personal and professional development to the next level? Do you want to fulfil more of your potential and make profound and lasting change that can be measured in your day-to-day life? Would you like coaching results that take into account the heart and soul? If so then you have found the right place!

Individuals and coaches come to Evolve Now! because they are on a QUEST for rapid, profound and lasting change in a supportive environment that is full of integrity. 

They want to see magical results that can be felt and measured and they want the ability to transform their own and other's lives.

Most, but not all, people who come to us have done some personal development before and want to have more advanced and profound tools for change. 

They want to find a way that the mind, emotions, body and spirit can work in together in harmony so that they can have more successful and fulfilling lives.


Many of our courses combine ancient wisdom with the latest up to date scientific techniques to help you understand your own and others' behaviour. 

When we discuss spirit we aren't describing some way out New Agey concept but rather the driving force in your life that intuitively leads you to your passion. When we talk about science we don't mean white coats and laboratories but rather results that can be measured and seen. 

Our philosophy and techniques walk a middle path between art and science, spirit and the material, so that you can experience more of the wonder and variety of your humanity. 

Our techniques and courses can be applied to coaching, personal development, business and education. So no matter what personal and professional growth you would like to experience you can gain the change and communication tool to bring that about.

Evolve Now! is the home of Matrix Therapies® 
 which allows you to clear the negative influences, emotions and mind sets of the past so you can have more of what you want in the future see What's Matrix Therapies?

We are also a respected training centre of NLP delivering skills in NLP Prac, Master Prac and Trainer's Training. 

I have also developed coaching tools using the power of Archetypes, called Archetypal Coaching®These suite of tools includes: 

1A - Passion and Purpose Coaching where your can find who you really are and what you are meant to be doing with your life. You also discover and clear blocks to successfully living your passion and purpose. 

This weekend also includes Your Quest which is a finely tuned tool to help you align your passion and purpose with your goals in a particular area of your life while also clearing blocks.

1B - Masculine and Feminine Coaching where we assist you to clear the negative programming of parents, siblings and ex-partners so you can be free to discover your authentic self.

1C - Matrix Therapies Coaching where you are able to clear other influences and event from the past as well as negative belief and mindset and negative emotions that affect inner peace and self-love.

1D - Matrix Constellations and Archetypes which helps you clear negative generational influences. This has been successfully used to help people with emotional issues, as well as, weight, money and health problems. 

It is surprising how much negative programming is passed from one generation to the next, people often attempt to find the original cause in their own personal history and find the issues not resolving because they have picked up the issues from their family of origin.

Finally, we have our most advanced 
Spiritual Programs that combine the most sophisticated understanding of Archetypes with personal development tools to help you get in touch with your intuition, passions and a profound understanding of your own and others' psyche. 

These courses include:

2A - 8 Archetypes of Achievement, Love and Happiness which looks at what it takes to achieve what you want and be in flow.

2B - 7 Archetypes of Growth and Abundance where you learn about health, money, balance and surrender, this includes the secret of cycles within the process of creating abundance in all areas of life.

2C - 7 Archetypes of Transformation and Influence where you learn the Hero's Journey to real change. Here we see how these 7 archetypes interact with the Hero's Journey this is completely unique ancient wisdom you will not see anywhere else.

These courses are invitation only, however, if you feel drawn the this area of your development we can speak with you personally and see if these courses may suit you. Contact me at pip@evolvenow.com.au

All our programs give you unique tools which will make you stand out from the crowd as a coach, manager, leader and trainer and if you want to make personal change then there is no better place to be. We specialise in small group trainings so you can get all your needs met. Experience the difference in a nurturing, exciting and profound environment.

Many of our coaching programs and NLP courses are tax deductible for people and backed by the appropriate board. Come join us! Contact us on (02) 99499480 or write to me personally on pip@evolvenow.com.au.

Warm regards

Pip McKay
(CEO and Creator of Matrix Therapies®
and Archetypal Coaching®)


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